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Chili with fresh vegetables New recipes

Chili with fresh vegetables

Great chili for a balanced, healthy diet without heartburn!crumble a pound of 90 lean ground beef into a nonstick pan with two medium sweet vidalia sliced onions, 3 fresh minced garlic bulbs, and two or three cubed celery stalks, and saute over medium high heat until pink. add a can of red kidney beans with juice, two large tomatoes sliced and cubed, a can of sliced button mushrooms with juice, several dashes of worcestershire sauce, seasoned salt, chili pepper, black pepper, and cook until it boils; then reduce heat and simmer, covered, while you cook up a pot of wild rice or brown rice with a touch of salt.

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Acacia flower syrup New recipes

Acacia flower syrup

The syrup prepared from acacia flowers retains their aroma, and can be kept even over the winter1 kg of acacia flowers, cleaned of the main tail, washed well1 kg of caster sugar2 liters of water from a lemon peel from a lemon, cut into large pieces , yellow part only2 sachets of vanilla sugar1 salt powderPortions: 1Preparation time: less than 60 minutes RECIPE PREPARATION Syrup from acacia flowers: Acacia flowers are boiled with 1.

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Potatoes au gratin with cheese, cheese and Delaco parmesan New recipes

Potatoes au gratin with cheese, cheese and Delaco parmesan

Peel the potatoes, wash, and cut into thin slices. Boil for 15 minutes in water with Himalayan salt. Preheat the oven to 200 degrees. Grease the pan with olive oil, sprinkle a little dried basil over the oil, then put half of the amount of boiled potatoes. Sprinkle ground potatoes, grated telemea, chopped green parsley over the potatoes.

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Easy Vegetarian Recipes That Are 'Simply Satisfying' New recipes

Easy Vegetarian Recipes That Are 'Simply Satisfying'

Jeanne Lemlin& 39;s cookbook offers simple vegetarian recipes for busy cooksAiming to work more vegetables into your diet but don& 39;t have the time to figure out how? That& 39;s OK, because Jeanne Lemlin, James Beard Award-winning author of Quick Vegetarian Pleasures, has written another cookbook, Simply Satisfying (The Experiment, $22) that& 39;s definitely worth considering.

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Pork Squash and Brussels Sprout Tacos New recipes

Pork Squash and Brussels Sprout Tacos

These tacos have super fall flavors all wrapped in a tasty shell.MORE+LESS-2pounds boneless country style pork ribs1small butternut squash (4 cups chopped squash)2pounds brussels sprouts8ounce shredded cheddar cheeseHide Images1In a baking dish, mix the pork, cider, taco seasoning, half of the vinegar, and a pinch of salt.

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B and L's Strawberry Smoothie recipe New recipes

B and L's Strawberry Smoothie recipe

RecipesDish typeDrinkSmoothieStrawberry smoothieThis icy cold strawberry smoothie is healthy, refreshing and satisfies your sweet tooth! You can use frozen strawberries if you& 39;re making this out of season.1243 people made thisIngredientsServes: 2 8 strawberries, hulled110ml (4 fl oz) skimmed milk120g (4 oz) low-fat plain yoghurt3 tablespoons demerara sugar1 to 2 teaspoons vanilla extract6 cubes ice, crushedMethodPrep:5min ›Ready in:5minIn a blender, combine strawberries, milk, yoghurt, sugar and vanilla.

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